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Building Cross Platform Native Mobile Applications with NativeScript Pluralsight Course

Building Cross Platform Native Mobile Applications with NativeScript Pluralsight Course
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If you’re just starting out with NativeScript and you love learning by watching videos, Alex Ziskind has course on Pluralsight to get you started. You can find the course here

Course Introduction

Course Description

Want to learn how to build native apps easily with free tools? This course introduces web developers to NativeScript, an open source framework for building native iOS and Android apps. First, you’ll see the initial installation of NativeScript and configuring the modern open source Node.js-based ecosystem. The app that you will be building is a native mobile app developed for a fictitious company, RPS, to help its conference attendees view the conference schedule and create their own agendas. You will be guided through the app development process by seeing reasons behind each choice made to implement a feature, as if the author was an employee of RPS that was tasked with building the conference app. In each module, you’ll be introduced to a new concept by implementing an app feature. By the end of this course, you’ll be better prepared to tackle a full implementation of a real native app using freely available tooling.


This course is for web developers who are already proficient with TypeScript and CSS, and who want to learn how to use their existing skills to write native mobile apps for iOS and Android leveraging the NativeScript framework. This course is for beginners so no prior experience with NativeScript is required.

Course Link

Building Cross Platform Native Mobile Applications with NativeScript


Course Introduction
1 Overview
2 Introduction to NativeScript
3 How NativeScript works
4 NativeScript documentation and resources
5 Completed course application preview
Configuring the Development Environment
1Configuration Introduction
2iOS prerequisites (5 min)
3Android prerequisites (10 min)
4NativeScript CLI
5Visual Studio Code editor hints for NativeScript
Core Concepts
1Creating the app skeleton
2Adding TypeScript capabilities
3Defining Pages
4Setting Initial Page
5Organizing app assets
6MVVM architecture
7Navigation basics
9Installing dependencies
10Accessing Native APIs with JavaScript
11Testing the app using an emulator and device
UI Basics
1UI Introduction
4Property Binding
5Event Binding
6Expressions in Bindings
7Responding to Gestures
8CSS Styling
Working with Data
1Using faker.js to generate sample data
2Storing user data locally
3Fetching data with HTTP
Enhanced Navigation
1Topmost Frame
2Navigate by Page Name
3Navigate using a Function
4Context Passing
5Navigate without History
6Clear History
7Navigation Transitions
8Custom Transitions (just the intro, detail is out of scope)
9Going Back
10Modal Pages
1Animations Introduction
2AnimationDefinition Interface
3Animation Class
4View.animate method
5Animation curves
6Chaining with Promises
Course Summary
1 Conclusion
Alexander Ziskind
Alexander Ziskind

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