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Are you Being a Good Code Recycler?

Are you Being a Good Code Recycler?
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This may sound familiar to you.

You’ve built an Angular web application for the browser, and then had to create a mobile application that has pretty much the same features. So you start from scratch, and maybe, just maybe, you can use some of the business logic code that you’ve already written in your mobile app. If you’re lucky.

If you want to be a good citizen of the code world, you need to learn how to recycle your code!

With the power of today’s tooling, you can do a lot more than just pull bits of business logic out of one application to reuse in another one. When you are building your native mobile application with NativeScript, you are already sharing code, the code between iOS and Android applications. Now we can extend that code sharing to include Angular apps built for the web browser.

Paul Halliday’s newest course on shows you how to share code between your Angular web browser based application and your native mobile application built with NativeScript.

This course is for those that need to be able to have as much code reuse as possible between their Angular applications for the web and their native mobile apps written with NativeScript and Angular. You will learn how to leverage NPM scripts, naming conventions, and a smart application folder structure for maximum reusability between your code bases and use the monorepo approach to do it. Even if you aren’t sharing web and NativeScript code, this course shows some best practices in architecting your solution when it comes to Angular with NativeScript.

Take a look at the course curriculum. You can also preview some of the videos for free.

Since this is an intermediate level course, Paul expects that you’re already familiar with the basics. Maybe you’ve already taken the free Getting Started course on, or maybe you just read the tutorial. Either way, Paul quickly explains some of the concepts behind code sharing and then dives right into a sample project, which he builds from scratch.

Take a breath of fresh air, and know you’ve done something good for the environment, by recycling your code.

Paul Halliday is a tech entrepreneur that specializes in cross platform mobile development. He’s a course author for and a Progress Telerik MVP. You can also check out his popular @ngrx with NativeScript course.

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