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Update to NativeScript with @ngrx Course

Update to NativeScript with @ngrx Course
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Do you manage your application state using the Flux pattern (now better knows as Redux, I supposed)? Well you should check it out since it will make your application state handling life much easier. @ngrx is a Redux inspired set of libraries for Angular. You’ll find exactly the same concepts used in @ngrx as you did in Redux: actions, reducers, and a single store. The difference here is that @ngrx is build on top of RxJS, so at the heart of the @ngrx store are observables. The @ngrx with NativeScript course on was just updated to the latest versions of everything! It’s a gentle introduction to using @ngrx in a NativeScript with Angular application.

Course Title: NativeScript with @ngrx

Description: In this course, we build a simplified cryptocurrency price viewer powered by @ngrx/store and @ngrx/effects. This allows us to use the power of RxJS based state management in our NativeScript applications and allows us to better reason about our projects.

Author: Paul Halliday is a NativeScript Trainer on He is a tech entrepreneur that specialises in cross platform mobile development. He has received numerous awards including the SIEM Prize and the Sunderland University Professional Award.

What’s great about this course is that it focuses on the core concepts of @ngrx store/effects and doesn’t convolute the process with an overly complex application example.

The course was just updated so there is an attractive sale price. Check it out here.

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